So, after a period of deep depression & anxiety brought about by a breakdown of a 35 year relationship I decided I needed to try something other than just the usual anti depressants. I contacted Adam with an open mind & he called me back to discuss my situation and I arranged my first session with him.
Within 5 minutes of talking to him I felt like I was actually being listened to & felt very at ease with him. I left after the first session feeling extremely relaxed as though I’d had the deepest sleep ever.
I’ve now had 3 sessions and I feel on top of the world. I feel Adam has shown me the way forward, he can’t fix all my problems but he has been able to give me the opportunity to help myself & deal with my issues in a different way.
I cannot recommend Adam enough – please don’t hesitate in contacting him if you need help – if you’re prepared to keep an open mind I’m sure you will feel the benefit.